The Fields is a world brought to life from the imagininations (fertile fields of the mind) of children and some not-so-nice adults.
Read the origin of The Fields as told to us in the book Fields Alive! by Brian Deaton, Baron de Fields.
Current News & Notices:
 It is currently in New Utopia.
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Be Thrilled by Dino Amusement Park!
Like dinosaurs and roller coasters?
Get chased by LIVING mechanical dinosaurs between riding some of the BIGGEST and BEST roller coasters ever! Funnel cakes and fireworks when the park closes.
Explore in the Impossible Castle!
Love castles but hate staying still?
See the country side and get lost in the scenery from the castle windows. Not up for sightseeing? Get lost inside the castle itself. The walls and entryways move!
Lose Yourself in The Forgetful Forest!
Like to get lost in nature?
You can literally lose yourself in the Forgetful Forest...even if you have a map. The forest makes you forget the direction you are going. And, if you stay long enough, who you are.
Escape to the Reality Bubble!
Feeling nostalgic for the old days?
Experience the 1980's anytime. They are perfectly preserved inside the Reality Bubble. Visit a small town in southern Ohio where things never change. Take your vacation in a snapshot out of time.
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