Discover The Fields

The Fields Guide

Be Thrilled by Dino Amusement Park!*

Like dinosaurs and roller coasters?

Get chased by LIVING mechanical dinosaurs between riding some of the BIGGEST and BEST roller coasters ever! Funnel cakes and fireworks when the park closes.

Pull an awesome amusement park and a world class mechanical dinosaur exibit into The Fields and what do you get? Lots of fun, that's what!

The King's Fields Amusement Park has roller coasters, log rides and bumper cars. What could be better? Dinosaurs! Climb the tower and watch them roam the park.

* Some of the living mechnical dinosaurs are friendly and some are not. You may get eaten at this destination.

Escape to the Reality Bubble!*

Feeling nostalgic for the old days?

Experience the 1980's anytime. They are perfectly preserved inside the Reality Bubble. Visit a small town in southern Ohio where things never change. Take your vacation in a snapshot out of time.

Play Donkey Kong, work a Rubik's Cube and watch Saturday morning cartoons of the Smurfs and He-Man.

Get clothes that glow, slap on a slap bracelet, rent a movie from BlockBuster or watch MTV!

* The Reality Bubble is home to The Horde. The Horde are the town's residents that were mutated into monsters with elongated arms, fingers, teeth and faces. You may get eaten at this destination...?

Explore in the Impossible Castle!*

Love castles but hate staying still?

See the country side and get lost in the scenery from the castle windows. Not up for sightseeing? Get lost inside the castle itself. The walls and entryways move!

Once a historical castle and museum in Ohio, Chateau de Fields now patrols and maps The Fields. The inside of the castle can be customized to hold any event, large or small. It sometimes rolls on giant wheels and sometimes crawls like a giant spider depending on its mood.

Fun Fact: Even though the castle roams above the land, it still has a dungeon basement!

* Be sure to have your admission ticket with you at all times as intruders could be confined to the dungeon, purposely lost in infinite corridors or expelled into caves below ground.

Lose Yourself in The Forgetful Forest!*

Like to get lost in nature?

You can literally lose yourself in the Forgetful Forest...even if you have a map. The forest makes you forget the direction you are going. And, if you stay long enough, who you are.

The guardian knight will let you into the forest by way of the bridge over the Pit of Death by coming up with the punchlines of his Dad jokes. For every one you get wrong, you have to listen to three more.

Never go into the Forgetful Forest without telling someone where you are going. Remember the buddy system and always have someone with you.

* We have reason to believe the trees actually move.