About the Book

Fields Alive! A Fertile Fields Book (Book 1)

by Brian Deaton, Baron de Fields

Bruce Bailey struggles to remember who he is and where he is as he bounces back and forth between his everyday life and another world...a world that seems to be evolving around him. He never knows when he will be yanked from one to the other or what he will find when he gets there. With the help of friends he can't even remember, he tries to make sense of what is happening and why. Then suddenly this new reality, which seemed to be coming to life around him, starts to rip itself apart. Can he and his friends stop it in time? What will happen to them if the mindscape they call The Fields destroys itself while they are still there? Will they survive?

Bruce Bailey

It is silly, funny, always surprising and contains a lot of pop culture references for those of us raised in the 1980s. A very fun read!

The Baroness

It's like SpongeBob or Harry Potter, made with kids in mind but definitely something adults will enjoy too.

Ronnie West

Not as long as other books.

"Thanks for the great endorsement, 'Ace'."
Renee D. M. (Amazon Review)

A delightfully creative and nostalgic adventure!

This book was such a fun read! The world building was unique and I love how the author balanced an exciting, satisfying story with an ending full of new questions and possibilities! The 80s references were brilliant and I love how the author includes bits of pop culture which are iconic but you don't see in other books and media that throwback to the 80s and 90s. I am trying super hard not to spoil anything because the surprises were so much fun! I definitely think pre-teens all the way up to adult millennials and "proper" grown ups can enjoy this cheeky, creative adventure!

Melanie Everhart (Amazon Review)

What a fun read!

This book will make you smile, laugh out loud and keep you wondering! I could so see this as a movie because of the action and descriptions of settings, characters, and situations! It takes you away for awhile! Loved it!

Author & Collaborators (Co-Conspirators?)
About the Author

Brian Deaton, Baron de Fields, is an artist, author, conservationist, egotist, entrepreneur, father, preservationist, scholar and techie. At least that's what his social media profiles say. But you can't believe everything you read online.

The Baron was born an old man sometime in the last century somewhere near Cincinnati, Ohio. Sometime in this century, he moved to somewhere near Daytona Beach, Florida, to raise minions and enjoy the tropical climate.

As a young man, the Baron and his friends had otherworldly adventures so unbelievably implausible that he is compiling them into a (this) book series that will be marketed as fiction.

Some believe his adventures continue to this day.

About the Illustrator

Anastasia Khmelevska has loved drawing since childhood. She was always amazed by book illustrations and could look at them all day. Sometimes she still spends evenings going through drawings from her children's book collection in her home in Lviv, Ukraine.

"I find everything from daily life inspiring. The coolest thing about drawing - you can always add whatever you want to the boring scene make usual objects alive and give them character and unique traits. Everything is possible in illustration."

View Anastasia's concept artwork for The Fields and Fields Alive!

About the Editor

Jenna Bygall is a developmental and copyeditor working mainly with sci-fi, fantasy, and romance manuscripts. Her childhood love of reading inspired her freelance career and now she spends her days doing what she loves in Rochester, N.Y.

When she's not editing, she's drinking frozen margaritas or obsessing over her houseplants like a modern-day forest druid. Jenna prides herself on her keen eye for detail and fascination with all things Fae.

Jenna runs her own editing business, Clio Press, and hopes to continue expanding her work, and maybe even write a story of her own someday. Unless the Fair Folk finally come to claim her as their own before she gets to it.