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Get to know the first fully free residents of The Fields.


Grumpy narrator trying desperately not to die while world hoping...or by choking on soda.


Sarcastic, witty, writer that is often seen eating potato chips. Hardly ever seen without his penguin. Will make you listen to his party song mix. Tries to get people to call him Ace.


Smartest girl with the biggest bows. She always knows what we know and what we don't know. She enjoys shining light on the darkest of mysteries...but only rainbow light.


Adventurer Extraordinaire and movie buff. Always up for a hike through the Forgetful Forest, a crawl through a building's ductwork or watching movies with lots of explosions.


In-your-face, rebel without a cause. Not afraid to dance, or burp, when everyone is watching. Not above name calling. Dresses like a little old man...but don't tell her I said that.


All around good guy that secretly wants to be bad. Gets himself into the silliest of situations. Tough as nails and always comes out on top...ducky pajamas or not.

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