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In this journal, I plan to keep track of the interesting things and places I find in The Fields on my travels through this new land. I will warn you, however there may be some spoilers of people, places or things that may appear in the first or future Fertile Fields books.

  • Extreme Weather ❧

    Just a note to The Fields visitors and residents: As we continue to try to stabilize the climate, please prepare yourself for extreme weather. Huge changes in temperature and weather will continue to happen, especially beyond the great bubble, as the climate stabilizers originate from New Utopia outwards. More are being installed daily. If you need extreme weather equipment--which we suggest everyone visiting the fields has--please visit an outpost. They will provide you with many of the things you will need. If the weather ever becomes too extreme, please head for Subtarinia, the unfortunate name given to the cave system below The Fields. The temperature remains the same there no matter what the temperature in the fields...just like back home.