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In this journal, I plan to keep track of the interesting things and places I find in The Fields on my travels through this new land. I will warn you, however there may be some spoilers of people, places or things that may appear in the first or future Fertile Fields books.

  • Continuing Work ❧

    Mapping The Fields continues to be a priority. New areas of The Fields are being located and explored fairly often. And new things continue to pop up out of nowhere, seemingly of their own accord. Exploring, mapping and classifying things continues to be more work than we have people to do. Many of the original exploring expeditions dispatched from Utopia are still roaming and reporting in regularly. New areas almost always bring the unexpected.

    Just today an expedition reported a new place they want to name The Hidden Gem. It is literally a farm with fields full of gem-based plants growing out of the ground. Apparently a kid who loved gem-matching and farming based video games created it. I am told if you put three of the same gem together after you pick them, they explode. I am not sure what the point is, but to each their own.

    More continuing work is converting Utopia to New Utopia. If you have been there recently, you know we have our work cut out for us. More to come on that as we get a scope of the work involved.

    Opening the amusement park, as I mentioned before, is on the horizon. The work there is going smoothly so far.

    It has been brought to my attention that while we have a lot of opportunities in The Fields for adventure, there are very few places to eat. It anyone could get creative and will a few good eateries into existence, it would be much appreciated. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory was an awesome addition but sometimes you need to eat real food.