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In this journal, I plan to keep track of the interesting things and places I find in The Fields on my travels through this new land. I will warn you, however there may be some spoilers of people, places or things that may appear in the first or future Fertile Fields books.

  • Citizens of The Fields ❧

    From my research, I believe I now have a grasp of the citizens of The Fields. They fall into one of three categories. Either they are adults or children pulled from our world, someone created to exist in The Fields--either on accident or on purpose--and, now, ones developing on their own in the--more or less--natural evolution of The Fields (this would include mostly animals). Most are perfectly harmless, though you should respect animal life here as you would at home--with a few exceptions.

    One of the exceptions is The Horde. The Horde live mostly in the Reality Bubble but have been seen in The Fields itself on occasion. They have elongated mouths, teeth, ears, arms and fingers. Avoid these creatures at all cost.

    Another exception is the Faceless Ones. Their faces are a blurry nothingness. They have actually helped un on occasion but we still do not know their intentions. They are best avoided as well.

    My personal favorite citizens by far are those pop culture icons that have been created and now live life as a real being in The Fields, like Captain Crunch and Smokey the Bear. Yes, they are actual people here. I also met Bigfoot the other day. Though he says he doesn't like being called Bigfoot. It makes him self-conscience. He doesn't actually have another name so I told him he should come up with one and let us know.

    Additional: We originally assumed all of the kids from the fields were pulled over from our time--as The Fields and our world run concurrently somehow--but I am starting to hear rumors that this is not the case. Apparently some have said they are from the future...? This is as of yet a rumor but it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be true.